Netflix for Mac: How to Download App on Macbook

Netflix for Mac: How to Download App on Macbook

Netflix is a superior online streaming platform for watching Netflix originals series, movies, and many more binge watch shows.

Netflix app is wildly used in Windows, Smartphones, iPad, and iPhone. However, the Netflix app is not available for Mac. Yes, it’s true. If you search “Netflix” in the Mac store, you will get nothing.

Netflix for Mac: Download Netflix on Mac

If you think how is it possible? Netflix is available for Windows, Smartphones, iPad, and iPhone, but it’s not working on MacOS.


The reason is if Netflix app is working in MacOS than it is easy to download Netflix content and share it to others. Due to copy content and piracy problem, Netflix app is not available for Mac.

Cautions!!! There are lots of websites; they say download Netflix Mac App from here. Beware of them; it can be harmful to MacOS.  With the name of Netflix, they provide malware and vulnerable viruses, and ransomware attacks could be done by installing these untrustworthy apps.

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If you are a MacOS user, then there are lots of ways to run Netflix on MacOS.

Let’s discuss some simple ways where you can use Netflix free in your Mac desktop, MacBook, and MacOS support.

Using Web Browsers for Netflix

MacOS supported Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera web browsers where you can use Netflix.

Using a browser is a simple way to Use Netflix for free in MacOS. These web browsers are supported in MacOS, MacBook Pro, and  MacBook Air.

How can we use Netflix in MacOS via Web Browser

  • Open suggested Web browser that installed in your Mac device.
  • Search Netflix URL:
  • Click on Sign In, Enter your credentials to login and stream any Netflix content.

Casting from mobile devices

We know that Netflix is working on an iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices.

Download your favorite content from Netflix by using these devices. Create casting connection between Mac and Mobile device.

Use this simple method to enjoy Netflix Shows and movies in your Mac.

By Installing Windows in Mac devices

Netflix is not working on MacOS, but it’s working on Windows. So, Download Windows on MacOS and start using Netflix. Yes, this trick works.

How can you download Windows on Mac?

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By using Bootcamp tool, download Windows on MacOS. You can search installation steps for how to download Windows on MacOS by Bootcamp.

Once Windows downloaded on MacOS, with following steps you can meet to Netflix.

  • Visit the Windows app store and go for Netflix app.
  • Install the Netflix app from the Windows app.
  • Log in by using Netflix credentials and start streaming and free download on Mac.

Screen Recorder for Mac

By using a screen recorder, you can enjoy Netflix content, but it is a bit risky to screen capturing. It’s ok to keep a captured copy in your device but to make piracy and send it to others it is illegal.


For screen capturing or recording, a Screen Capturing Software is required in Mac. Also, to record a screen, you have to stream the entire show or movie. Quality of shows and movies depends on your internet speed.

Screen recorders such as Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder, QuickTime and Monosnap are used to record Mac Screen.

How can you record a screen with Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder?

Download Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder first as a free trial version, which not gives full feature access. A free trial allows you to record only 3 minutes length in the video. Thus, to use the full features of the screen recorder, you have to pay around 29 euro.   

However, let’s see how to record screen through Apowersoft.

  • Open Mac App Store, download and install the Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder.
  • After Installation of Apowersoft, open Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder application.
  • Change audio input to ‘System Sound’ from “Audio Input” Dropdown menu and then by default application changes the audio output to the software.
  • To get a cleaner audio output system suggests removing the default setting such as Record Mouse Cursor, Show Recording Boundary and Show Recording Toolbar.
  • To check recording output settings, you can set a custom hotkey.
  • Before starting the screen recording, you can change the output folder from by default.
  • Unplug all external media devices from Mac; it might create a problem while recording.
  • Use have to use a different browser than safari. You cant record Netflix shows and movies in safari.
  • Now login into Netflix account and start movie or show that you wish to record.
  • Click on “Record” button in Apowersoft application and select screen resolution.
  • Once you hit the Record button, the recording will start after a three-second countdown.  
  • When your recording complete, minimize the Netflix screen. From top-right corner click on Apowersoft logo. After the dialogue box will open and click on “Stop Recording.”
  • One separate window will open recording with the a.MOV file. Where you can edit file name as you want and see the properties of recording.

This way, you can enjoy Netflix shows offline, as we know, Apowersoft is available in the paid version. We have the free alternative of Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder, use QuickTime and Monosnap to Mac record screen for free.


Mac screen recording by QuickTime is free, Download for free in MacBook Pro, MacBook Air.

Steps to record a Mac Screen with QuickTime

  • Download, Install and Open QuickTime
  • Use another web browser than Safari and login into start streaming a show that you want to record.
  • From the top of the screen open ”File” in the QuickTime Menu.
  • Select “New Screen Recording” Option from drop down menu and “Screen Recording” interface will be displayed.
  • To start recording click on the red/green record button.
  • Once recording complete, click on Red/Green or Record/Stop icon which located in Upper right corner. Now select folder, where you want to save.

Silverlight Plug-in

Microsoft product Silverlight is a browser plug-in, by using Silverlight you can watch TV shows and movies in your Mac.

Silverlight is compatible with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Enjoy Netflix by entering login credentials.     

Last Show

Even though Netflix app is not available in MacOS still lots of ways are possible, by using them, you can watch Netflix movies and shows.  With these tricks, you can easily stream and download Netflix TV shows and movies.