iMessage on Windows PC – 4+ Easy to use Methods

iMessage on Windows PC – 4+ Easy to use Methods

We all know, iMessage is the favorite for those who used iMessage in iOS and iMac Device. So Why not for Windows OS? We will discuss further how to use iMessage is in the Windows OS.

In Case of Windows and Android system, you all are aware of the Whatsapp and Facebook chat messages. But iMessage Messenger is still a hot favorite in the iMac and iOS Devices. People are asking for iMessage on Windows PC.

iMessage on Windows PC: Why is iMessage popular in the iMac and iOS Device?

iMessage is stuffed with many useful features which helps in daily routine and create less workload on you. In this messaging app, you can do a P2P Money transfer; it provides a robust and robust encryption system.

iMessage on Windows PC
iMessage on Windows PC

Use emojis while chatting; it gives you wast choices to select emojis. Also, it supports GIF, and all these features are working on iMessage to iMessage medium. Sender and receiver must be used iMessage on their particular device. 

These things make iMessage is a favorite and best messaging app for iMac and iOS system user. You cant directly use it on Windows platform, certain tricks will work in Windows, and then you can take a top gear to make a way of iMessages in your Windows PC.

Finally, we are on the way to how to install and use the iMessage app on Windows PC. Here is the way.

iMessage on Windows PC Method -1: Run iMessage app using iPadian 2

iPadian 2 is the emulator where you can use them in Windows PC to run iMac and iOS app in Windows OS.

iMessage on Windows PC - 4+ Easy to use Methods 1

The emulator is third party software to use Mac On your Windows PC. It creates Virtual iOS System in your Windows PC.

Step – 1: In the first step, you need to download iPadian Emulator on Windows PC. You can download iPadian from trustworthy and authentic sites.

Step – 2: Hope Download is complete on your Windows PC, the next step is to install it on Windows. You can install iPadian through the .exe file of it.

Step – 3: Now run the iPadian Emulator on your Windows PC.

Step – 4: It will serve you some terms and condition before installing it, read it carefully, and accept it.

Step – 5: After Accept terms and condition, the installation process will start, and it takes some time to complete it. Wait for the complete installation.

Step – 6: Installation is complete now, you have to launch the iPadian application on your Windows PC.

Step – 7: Now You can see a search bar in iPadian Emulator, Type there “iMessage” and it will show you a result.

Step – 8: Download the iMessage app on Windows PC. You have to wait for a few minutes while it completes its download process.

Step – 9: Launch iMessage app on your Windows PC.

Kudos Claps!!!, That’s how you can feel the experience of iMessage App on Your Windows PC. Use iPadian With extra protection, and it has a threat to Malware in your System, So use it when it is essential. As well you can check how to use Netflix app on mac.

iMessage on Windows PC Method – 2: Use Chrome Remote Desktop to install iMessage on Windows OS 

Chrome Remote Desktop App will help you to run the iMessage application on Windows OS. Follow a below steps to use the iMessage app on Windows OS.

Step – 1: First, you have to confirm with the system, so for that, you have iMessage app on your make and take another method with Windows OS.

Chrome Remote Desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop

Step – 2: Now You must have Chrome Browser on both of the systems if you have not then installed Chrome browser from the respective app store.

Step – 3: Add Chrome Remote Desktop on both of the System Browser, You can search on the browser to install Chrome Remote Desktop on your Mac and Windows OS System. To add You can see “ADD TO CHROME” button on the right top corner, click on it.

Note: You can use Chrome Remote Desktop on both Chromebook as well as Chrome Browser, there you are allowed to use all apps and extensions.

Step – 4: Installation will take some time. Once the installation process completed, you can see the “LAUNCH APP” button on the right top corner, click on it to launch.

Step – 5: Now, This step is to create a host file. To create a host file, you have to download “Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer” on your Mac and Windows OS.

Chrome remote desktop Host
Chrome remote desktop Host

Step – 6: Chrome Remote Desktop Host.pkg file is downloaded in the download folder section. To install click on that file.

Step – 7: As soon as you click on the .pkg file, you have to go ahead by clicking on the “Continue.”

Chrome Remote Desktop Installer
Chrome Remote Desktop Installer

Step – 8: Now, Enter your credentials Which are User Name and Password to allow this hosted software in your Mac. And Click on “Install Software”

Chrome Remote Desktop Installer Finish
Chrome Remote Desktop Installer Finish

Step – 9: Once Installation is completed, click on close to exit from tabs.

Step – 10: It will show you some code to connect the Windows and Mac OS. Use this code and start.

That how using Chrome Remote Browser you can use iMessage App in your Windows OS.

Method – 3: Use iMessage History to Get Messages on Windows OS.

To get iMessage Message in your windows OS you can use History of the iMessage.

Windows OS needs some third Party Tool to recover the iMessages in Windows. So Below Third-Party Software will give you the experience of iMessage app on Windows.

  1. iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter
  2. Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery

One By One, we will check both of the tools, how to use it on Windows to get iMessage messages in the Windows.

(I) iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter

Follow the necessary steps to get iMessage on Windows.

Step – 1: You need to Download iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter on your Windows PC. Wait for some time to while it is installing.

Step – 2: Launch the iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter Software on Windows OS.

Step – 3: On Left Side Menu you have to choose “ Export From iOS Device,” It will show you a various files type, here we want only Message, So click on it.

Step – 4: Select on “Message,” Click on the “Next” for further  Process.

Step – 5: iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter Software will ask you to connect iOS Device with Windows. So, Connect iOS Device WIth your Windows PC.

Step – 6: After Connection of iOS with Windows, you need to scan the whole device. You can scan with the iMyFone D-Port Software.

Step – 7: Whenever you have connected the device with Software, Start on the “Scan” button, and the scanning process will start.

Step – 8: Scanning Process will take some time, and you need to wait, how much you have stored the data on your iOS Device.

Step – 9: Now Final Phase is Preview and Export the Data from iOS Device. After Scanning Process, iMessage will prompt on the iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter Software tab.

Step – 10: Check on every file that you need, You can choose them individually.

Step – 11: Now Click on the “Export” button, which remains in the bottom right corner.

Step – 12: One Pop-up window will be prompted when you click on the Export button.

Select the location where you want to store the files.

This way you can manage to get iMessage on the Windows PC. iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter is available as both trial version and in purchase version, to check it once you can while downloading iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter.

(II) Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery – iMessage on Windows PC

You can get iMessage history on windows computer. And with using Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery Software.

Using Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery Software, you can see a message log, iMessage logs from the iPhone and iPad. Also, it recovers the lost and deleted messages from iOS System.

Following steps will lead you to get iMessage on your Windows OS.

Step – 1: Download Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery From the Trusted and authentic site. It will take some time to download from the internet.

Step – 2: Run the .exe file to install on Windows PC.

Step – 3: After Installing Successfully, you need to launch it on Windows OS.

Step – 4: Click on the Option “Recover From iOS Device/iTunes Backup.”

Step – 5: It Will show you various option with checkboxes, you can check on as per your requirement whom you want to recover.

Step – 6: Here We are going for only Messages, so Check on the checkbox of the Messages.

Step – 7: On Bottom Right Corner, you can see “Recover” Button, Click on it to recover Messages.

Where you can start the messaging with iMessage, All recovered messages are you can see on the tab of the Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery.

This is how these two software works to recover the iMessage, as well as you can use them to sending and receiving purpose. Instead, you can use many of Recovery Software, which you can choose to use iMessage on Windows.

Method – 4: Using Bluestack Emulator for iMessage on Windows

Blue Stack Emulator you can use in Windows OS, Bluestack is very popular emulator which we have used to run Android Application on it, Same way we can use iMessages using Bluestack.
What performs Bluestack in Computer System?

Bluestack is a virtual operating system, and it creates a virtual operating system in windows. So, by using these Virtual System, We can use many Apple and Android Apps in Windows.

Follow the below steps to run iMessage on Windows Operating System.

Step – 1: You Need to download Bluestack Emulator .exe file in your Windows OS. Open Web Browser form trusted Source you can download Bluestack in the Windows OS. Wait for a few minutes while it is downloading.

Step – 2: Now, Install Bluestack on your Windows system. It will take some time in the installation process.

Step – 3: Now you are done with the installation, next you have to launch Bluestack Emulator on your Windows PC. Run the Bluestack Emulator.

Step – 4: When you can see a search bar in Bluestack Emulator, Type there “iMessage,” then it will give you a lead to Apple play store.

Step – 5: Once you landed in the Apple Play store and got the iMessage app, then same start download and installation process of iMessage.

Step – 6: Set up iMessage App in Blue Stack Emulator.

This is it, using Bluestack you can use iMessage in your Windows Operating System.

Method – 5: Jailbreak Your iOS Device for use iMessage on Windows PC

Jailbreak your iPhone, and Jailbreak means all reserved rights of Apple Inc. are named for you. You are the admin of the iPhone Now.

First, let’s see what is jailbreaking in the iOS Device?

Your iOS Operating System Will be Replaced with another operating system; this is called jailbreaking. When you jailbreak the phone, you have a more broad way to use the iPhone, and you are flexible to use your iPhone or iPad.

iMessage on Windows PC - 4+ Easy to use Methods 2

In a jailbroken device, you can custom apps which are are not supported in iOS, many tweaks, and tools you can use it, and more add-ons are supported in iOS Device. If these things happen in the iPhone, then you can connect the iMessage app in Windows OS.

There is a problem in Jailbreaking, and in case you have done jailbreaking in your iPhone then you are running out from the AppleCare+ Warranty. It is a risky process, and you might face bugs, malware, breaches in your iPhone. Jailbreaking is recommended for those who are ready to customize their phone, who knows how to troubleshoot the problem causing jailbreaking in your iPhone.

So this is jailbreaking, and you can do jailbreak your phone via Cydia, But the Apple Store prohibits Cydia app.

With Jailbreaking you can use iMessage on Windows.

So let’s see how to jailbreak the iPhone.

Jailbreak method is complicated in some way, but you can manage if you are tech freak. If it does not follow the proper way, then it might be possible an iOS Corruption.

Do not worry too much about it, we have jailbreak software, using it you can make a safe jailbreak.

So, Before starting jailbreaking of Apple iPhone or iPad, download the Cydia Software in the Computer. Cydia follows an app directory in which you Cydia is usable and helpful for jailbroken iPhone Software.

To get the web-based interface in the Cydia Application, you need Remote messages in the app, and this will cost $4.

I hope this price is affordable, sure because you are using iOS Devices.

With using iPhone’s IP, you can connect your phone with the Web-Based Interface that you have purchased. The IP address of the iPhone you can find on the browser.

Note, that for iOS 12 Cydia is not working, And to jailbreak iOS 12 it gives some complication.

Before iOS Version 12, Remote Messages App with Cydia will give you all the instruction how can you quickly access the iMessage on Windows System.

Following steps in the Cydia app, will lead you to access the iMessage on your Windows OS.

Suppose, you are done with the jailbreaking process in iPhone, now, let’s see how to use iMessages using Cydia.

Step – 1: If you have not Cydia on your PC then download it, you can search it on the app store of the PC. You might get the app, but you can start the procedure of downloading from trusted internet sources.

Step – 2: Hope you have Download Cydia App on your jailbroken iPhone. Now, Open it.

Step – 3: It might take some time to Downloading. Also, it takes some time in installing process, and you have wait until Cydia App Installation.

Step – 4: When Cydia App open, You have to search for Remote Messages.

Step – 5: Open Setting Tab on your PC, Where “Remote Messages” is placed, perform a few scrolls to search it.

Step – 6: Now, Remote Messages Window Will open with the “Use Authentication” Option, Tap on it to Enable.

Step – 7: Next, You have to create Username and password on it, before doing this you have to confirm your iPhone and PC is connected with the Same Wi-Fi.

Step – 8: Open Web Browser in your computer system, where you have to enter the IP Address, Which remains under the Unable tab and then enter the colon.

Step – 9: Click on the Enter button, and then you will see the window which prompted Password and User Details.

Step – 10: Now you have to enter complete details which have asked in that tab, This is how Cydia Setup is accomplished.

Now, you can download the iMessage on your App and can start the Messaging.

Wrapping Up

We have seen several methods to use the iMessage app on your Windows. Recognized methods without jailbreaking and with jailbreaking.

Using Chrome Remote Desktop, you can easily configure the iMessage in your Windows OS. We have seen iPadian, and Bluestack Emulator with using you can run the iMessage on Windows, Which creates MacOS in your Windows System.

Then, We have Some Third-party tools in your bucket to run the iMessage app in Windows. At last, we have to keep Jailbreaking option, yes if none of the method you don’t want to use then use Jailbreaking, risky but if you take it.