Solved: Why “Google Chrome Helper” Takes Too Much CPU and How to Stop This? (Mac)

Solved: Why “Google Chrome Helper” Takes Too Much CPU and How to Stop This? (Mac)

If you are using a Mac PC and you have installed Chrome browser, then you might have noticed the issue of Google Chrome Helper using more percentage of CPU on your PC. It is not uncommon for Mac users; however, it is no big deal and getting rid of this issue is also possible.

There are a lot of discussions on Google’s groups and forums page also, but they are not much useful. Also, it cannot be ignored as it uses quite a bit of CPU which makes your PC slower and lag-prone.


Also, there have been many updates to address these issues, but the issues have not yet been solved.

We will understand here why this problem persists and how to stop it.

Why did this happen?

Google Chrome helper is a type of process which opens when you run the Chrome Browser. It is not a problem, but it becomes a huge issue when you have downloaded any malicious Chrome extension. It may also start using higher CPU percentage when several Google Chrome processes running at once.

Then, one reason for this issue is that many times Google Chrome’s plug-in settings are configured to run everything simultaneously. From these Plugins, the ones who work with flash contents are responsible for the issue. For example, the Adobe Flash Player plugin lets you see the flash content on Chrome. However, there are some sites which cause trouble while running the flash content.

In short, Google Chrome helper is nothing but a group of processes which run outside the software and consume the CPU cycles and even storage. There is nothing to worry as there are several solutions to this issue.

We will look at the best solutions here which are useful and the ones which will fully resolve the issue.

1 – Removing Malware from your Mac

There may be some malicious stuff in your PC which might be causing the problem. These viruses or malicious files in the form of Chrome helper harm the PC. So, it is better to perform a full check of your PC.

2 – By Aborting Multiple Chrome Processes from Google Chrome Task Manager

To do this, you need to go through the following steps:-

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go to its menu by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner of the window
  3. Select task manager

    task manager
    task manager
  4. See the process responsible for high CPU usage
  5. Right click on it and then end the process.
high CPU
high CPU

3 – By deleting the unwanted extensions

To do this, go through the below-given steps

  1. Open Google Chrome and click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the window
  2. Go to “more tools” and from there, select “extensions.”
  3. Select the unwanted extensions and hit the remove button

4 – Resetting Browser settings

This is the most reliable way as some different settings may be responsible for this issue

  1. Open Chrome and click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the window
  2. Click on settings, then select “advanced” at the end of the page
  3. There will be a “reset” option, click on it, and your job is done.
Resetting Browser
Resetting Browser

If, after performing these steps, the problem persists, then it is better to uninstall chrome and use any other browser instead of it as there are a lot of browsers available for Mac OS.