Fix: “Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag” Error

Fix: “Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag” Error

Have you ever face error “Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag” in chrome browser. Usually, the Chrome browser and Android Chrome browser in Android is encountered with WebGL error. Before how to fix this error, let’s see What is WebGL error and How it occur?


What is WebGL?

WebGL is a Web Graphics Library, WebGL library files are responsible for rendering an interactive 3D and 2D graphics in various compatible browsers. WebGL is work without any Plug-in or add-ons in a web browser.

Fix: “Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag” Error

When the Browser requires to render interactive display with 3D and 2D graphics, CPU’s Computer Graphics Unit runs WebGL using Javascript code, that’s why there is no need to add-ons or a plug-in for WebGL.

Why “Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag” error occur?

As we know, WebGL is used for graphics rendering in Chrome and Android Chrome browser, when the browser is not compatible to access the graphics content at that time “Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag” hit an error.

Same error message continues to hits in the web browser when the Browser tries to access WebGL for a particular website.

In this article, we will know how to fix “Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag” error in various device.

How to fix “Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag” in Chrome browser?

If you try to reload and reopen the website in browser, error hits you again, and it is possible to WebGL is not work more to access libraries, that’s why we need to fix it.

Update Google Chrome Browser

Due to an older version of chrome browser “Rats! WebGL Hits a Snag ”error can occur. If you have not updated Chrome browser, due to this WebGL is not compatible with a browser, and it hits an error.

Perform below steps and update the Chrome browser to fix error “Rats! WebGL Hits a Snag”.

If Chrome Browser is updated, then you didn’t see the Update notification, and then you don’t need to follow these points.

  • Open Chrome browser in Windows 10.
  • On Top Right Corner, you can see a Google Chrome Option, Where click on the Customize and Control Option.
    • The option will turn to green if you miss the update from the last two days.
    • It turns to orange if the update is pending for the last four days.
    • It turns into the red if you have not to update for the last seven days.
  • Now, Click on Update Google Chrome and wait until the process to complete.
  • After completion of the Chrome browser updating process re-launch the chrome browser to check whether the error is fixed or not.

Fix by Enabling Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

This process enables Chrome to access your GPU whenever it needs to interact with WebGL while internet surfing.

Follow the steps to fix “Rats! WebGL hits a snag”.

  • Open Chrome browser in Windows.
  • On Top Right Corner, you can see a Google Chrome Option, Where click on the Customize and Control Option.
  • From the Drop-Down menu, click on Settings.
  • Scroll down the setting page and click on Advanced to open Advanced Google Chrome settings.  
  • Locate Setting under the System tab.
  • When you see ‘Use hardware acceleration,’ enable this option.
  • Save the changes and close your browser.
  • Reopen your browser to access the changes.

Reset Google Chrome Browser and Fix ”Rats! WebGL hits a snag.”

Sometimes it might be possible that options are changes and we need to reset so, and the browser will work like before it works.

To fix some unintentional settings browser needs to reset the settings. Let’s see how to reset it.

  • Launch the Chrome browser in Windows.
  • On the Top-Right Corner, in Google Chrome option, click on Customize and control pages.
  • Click on settings from Drop-down menu.
  • Find the option Reset in the Settings page and click on it.

This process resets your browser and Chrome Browser Work like same as a newly installed browser. Close and reopen Browse and reload the websites that hit the error, you can see how the error is disappeared.

Reset Enabled Flag to Fix “Rats! WebGL hits a snag.”

To reset the enabled flag, follow the given below instruction.

  • Launch the Chrome browser in Windows OS.
  • Type : Chrome://flags in the URL section and press Enter to open it.
  • New page of Chrome Flags will open.
  • Besides a search bar, you can see now a Reset all to the default option, click on it.
  • To disable WebDL content in Chrome, find ‘WebGL Draft Extensions’ and disable it.
  • Close the Chrome browser and relaunch it to access changes.

Now, if you are trying to access a website with WebGL content, it will load without showing “Rats! WebGL hits a snag.”

Try any of these methods to fix “Rats! WebGL hits a snag” error in Chrome Browser it will work for sure.

Now, the same problem occurs in Android Chrome browser and Kindle. So what to do to fix in Android Chrome browser. In Android, you have to follow simple steps to fix ”Rats! WebGL hits a snag” error.

Clear cache from Android Chrome Browser and Fix “Rats! WebGL hits a snag.”

How to clear cache from Chrome browser.

  • Open Chrome browser app in Android phone.
  • Go to the settings of Chrome Browser.
  • Click on privacy.
  • Click on precise browsing data.
  • Uncheck browsing history if you don’t want to cleat browsing history also uncheck cookies and sites data.  
  • Click on clear data.
  • Close and reopen Chrome browser app in Android.

To access the changes try to reload again website which displayed “Rats! WebGL Hits a Snag.” Now the error is disappeared from the Android Chrome browser.

Update Chrome Browser application from play store.

If your Android Chrome browser app is outdated, then it might be possible facing this error. First, update it to access new update form product.

  • Open Play Store in Android phone.
  • Update Chrome browser.
  • Reopen the chrome browser and try to re-access the website.

This way you can fix “Rats! WebGL Hits a Snag” In Android.

The same error is hit in Google product Google Maps. To fix “Rats! WebGL Hits a Snag” in Google maps you can follow the same solution. It might work in Google map too.


“Rats! WebGL Hits a Snag” is a common error in Google products, but whether it is a minor or significant error, it irritates. Always, Error needs to fix before it creates another problem.

In the case of Graphics, we are used to seeing attractive graphics and “Rats! WebGL Hits a Snag” error separate us from seeing it. That’s why it needs to fix.

We have seen several methods to fix “Rats! WebGL Hits a Snag” error in chrome browser and Android browser.

Same way, “Rats! WebGL Hits a Snag” in Kindle and Google maps it will work, and your browser will be compatible with rendering a 3D and 2D graphics.