FaceTime for PC Download & Video Calling from Windows 7/8/10

FaceTime for PC Download & Video Calling from Windows 7/8/10

Talk with FaceTime, Chat with FaceTime, Video call with Face Time. Yes, FaceTime is video calling, or we can say messaging app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad Devices. But it is not available for the PC Systems. Further, you will know how to use FaceTIme in Windows System. But before, we will see How FaceTime is useful.

FaceTime for PC Download

So, you have now necessary information about what is FaceTime, and It is a Video Calling App,

List of what benefits you have using FaceTime.

  • Using FaceTime, you can make Video Calls as well as Audio Calls.
  • You can connect the FaceTime app in the Desktop devices like Mac, Windows(We will see how), iPhone. During connecting, you won’t face any issues.
  • FaceTime Application is free for all, without paying any cost user can use the FaceTime. It is an official app so everyone can use this application without any cost.
  • Video call quality is HD. How much it is resolute on the screen, HD Quality depends on it.
  • Hide, Block other User in FaceTime. If someone interrupts or irritates you by calling, then you can block them.
  • Favorites list option is there so that the user can add the contact in the “Favorites lists.”
  • In Facetime, you can Sync all contacts from your Address book, and Automatically it is synchronized with the Facetime users.
  • At a time you can do a conference call with 9 to 10 people, yes FaceTime gives you this multiple conference call feature.
  • The smooth and easy user interface of the FaceTime, Beginners can directly use the FaceTime if they are visiting it the first time.
  • Picture-in-picture will allow another person in a video call if you are already connected with the other person.
  • If you are using HQ Video calling, then it consumes lower data as compare to other video calling application. It will be optimized, and it depends on the internet connection.
  • You will new features with every update, and it released the update regularly, it comes up with bug fixes and app optimization as well.

FaceTime is Only for Apple Devices. It won’t work in the Windows Operating System. So we need to take alternative option to run FaceTime in the Windows.

FaceTime for PC Download & Video Calling from Windows 7/8/10 1

Before getting the FaceTime In Window?  Let’s see why FaceTime is not available for Windows Operating System.

FaceTime application is introduced in 2010, at Company’s Developers Conference Apple CEO Steve Jobs launch the Apple Product. At that time he said that “We are going to make Face Time on Open Industry-standard” With FaceTime, they are ready enough to make for all useful application in Open Standard.

They are going to create compatible level software which meets with the standard Apple FaceTime Application. So, it will make way for Third Party Developer who can make a FaceTime Compatible Software for all Open app Industry. Developers start work on FaceTime Compatible software which can be used in the Windows OS and Android Phone.

Developers Are discuss with to make open standard FaceTime Since that time, and it seems like FaceTime will never develop in the cross-platform standard. From that time, Apple didn’t make any further decision to make FaceTime as an Open Standard.

The reason behind it, Apple Want to generate revenue form FaceTime, and They make FaceTime in the sales so that Apple Device can Running it in their way.

Now, you know, all ways are closed to make Apple Product FaceTime include in the Open Standard. So they didn’t take a call for Open standardization of the FaceTime. Now, FaceTime works for the Apple Device only.

Before we are moving on to How to download FaceTime for Windows and iOS, there are some pre-requisites you have to follow.

Pre-requisite to use FaceTime for Windows Operating System

Your Operating system must have Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

  • Minimum 2 GB RAM is required.
  • CPU Speed is must be more than 1 GHz.
  • For calling communication, it requires a headset, handsfree with the Microphone.
  • For a video call, you must have a WebCam, on the laptop, you will get the default, but for Desktop you need external Webcam.
  • Internet connection is a must, reliable and quite decent so without and flow in the quality you can make a call with FaceTime.

 Now we have several ways to use FaceTime on Windows System.

Method – 1: Using Bluestack You can use FaceTime for Windows PC

Bluestack Emulator you can use in Windows Operating System, Bluestack is very popular emulator which we have used to run Android Application on Windows Operating System, Same way we can use FaceTime on Windows OS using Bluestack.

What performs Bluestack in Computer System?

Bluestack is the Android Emulator, With using Bluestack emulator you can run apk files in Windows Operating System. Bluestack is a virtual operating system, and it creates a virtual operating system in windows. So, by using these Virtual System, We can use many Apple and Android Apps in Windows.

FaceTime for PC Download & Video Calling from Windows 7/8/10 2

People are familiar with the Bluestack that’s why we have to start with the Bluestack. You need to download the Bluestack for Windows PC. You can download Bluestack from the authentic internet source.

Follow the below steps to run FaceTime on Windows Operating System Using Bluestack.

Step – 1: You Need to download Bluestack Emulator .exe file in your Windows Operating System. Open Web Browser on your Computer system, form trusted Source you can download Bluestack in the Windows OS. Wait for a few minutes while it is downloading. The file contains 50MB data with it so, you have to be patient while downloading.

Step – 2: Now, Install Bluestack on your Windows system. It will take some time in the installation process. Check all requirements before installing Bluestack.

Step – 3: Now, you are done with the installation. Next, you have to launch Bluestack Emulator on your Windows PC. Run the Bluestack Emulator.

Step – 4: When Bluestack is open, you need to enter Google Account Credentials, If you want to use Android Application in your Windows, then this step is necessary.
This is the downloading and Configuration process of the Bluestack now we need to download and install FaceTime On BlueStack.

Step – 5: Start the initial process of the Downloading FaceTime.

Step – 6: If you have already app installed in your mobile device, then you can transfer the apk file in the Bluestack. Connect the Phone with PC and transfer the data.

Step – 7: Now, you need to wait until the download process finishes. Once the download is completed, you need to click on the “Finish” option to move on the further step.

Step – 8: Go to the file location where the file is stayed after downloading. Right-click on it and open it.
Step – 9: Choose the option “Open With” And then choose Bluestack as the option in the Bluestack.

Step – 10: After the installation process starts automatically, you need to wait for some time.

Step – 11: Now Configure the FaceTime Application in the Bluestack.

Done, you are now FaceTime user in the Windows Operating System.

Note: When you want to use FaceTime in the Windows, you have to open Bluestack on your PC. in “All App” page, you will get FaceTime app. Click on FaceTime icon and start calling whom you want.

Method – 2: Using iPadian You can use FaceTime for Windows PC

iPadian is also an Emulator for Windows operating system like Bluestack. We all know Apple as not open the standard for the Windows operating system. But we have emulator so, our work is easy to make a way of the FaceTime In Windows.

FaceTime for PC Download & Video Calling from Windows 7/8/10 3

Following steps will leads you to open FaceTime in the Windows PC.

Step – 1: First step you have to download iPadian Emulator on Windows PC. You can download iPadian from trustworthy and authentic sites. With a few results, you will get from the sites.

Step – 2: Assume that Download is complete on your Windows PC, the next step is to install it on Windows. You can install iPadian through the .exe file of iPadian Emulator.

Step – 3: Now, run the iPadian Emulator on your Windows PC.

Step – 4: After you open, at the initial stage, you have to check on some terms and condition before installing it, read it carefully, and accept it.

Step – 5: After Accept terms and condition, the installation process will start, and it takes some time to complete it. Wait for the complete installation process.

Step – 6: Installation is complete now, you have to launch the iPadian application on your Windows PC.

Step – 7: You are done with the installation, now open the iPadian Emulator and enter Apple ID and Password.

Step – 8: Check FaceTime App is there or not if you are using it in the Apple Device and you have entered that Apple ID then it will sync automatically from it. Otherwise, you have to install it from the Apple App Store.

Step – 9: Open Apple App Store, Search “FaceTime,” and Click on Install.

Now, its time to say Hello With the FaceTime. Enjoy FaceTime in the Windows PC.

For Windows Operating System, How to Download and use FaceTime we have seen these two methods, using Android Emulator Bluestack and iPadian Emulator, we can call using FaceTime.

Next, For Mac OS, How to Download FaceTime in Mac OS.

As we know, FaceTime is compatible with macOS, so we don’t want to take any alternative way to download FaceTime. At the Initial Stage, they released FaceTime for Apple Mobile Device, but a few months later they are coming up for Mac OS too.

In the recent version of the Mac OS, Face Time is coming up in the pre-installed. If you have updated macOS, then you don’t need to Download FaceTIme.

If not, then what to do?

Go to the Apple Mac Store, Yes from Mac Store you can download the FaceTime. You must have macOS X 10.6 or higher to run the Play Store. If not, then It can be available in your Dock or Build-in function.

Compatibility of the macOS and FaceTime is necessary; otherwise, it won’t support in the macOS. From the Apple Store, You can download FaceTime. Click the buy button to get FaceTime on your Apple iPhone. You have to pay US$0.99 with Apple ID. Where you can download the most recent version of the FaceTime which is 10.6.

iPad, macOS Device, iPod Touch, and iPhone are compatible if you are using Desktop version of the FaceTime. You can make a call in these Apple Devices.

Following steps instructs you to FaceTime for PC or Mac OS.

Step – 1: Press Command + Space in Your Mac and then type FaceTime.

Step – 2: If Your FaceTime services are not enabled, then press Turn On to allow it to.

Step – 3: Now you are ready to open, Doing Enable it FaceTime is allowed to use. Open FaceTime App now.

Step – 4: Sign-in into the FaceTime using Apple ID. Enter your Apple ID Credentials and open FaceTime.

Step – 5: Now its all set to take and make calls using FaceTime. With this account, you can make a call which is synchronized in that Apple ID.

Step – 6: You can set a preference for it. If you want to configure different account preferences, then you can do it, for that, Go to  FaceTime/Preference.

Step – 7: Where you can see the list of the Accounts. Which account you want to select, then select on it, you can do here select/deselect.

So, that’s it for Windows OS and macOS, and Now you know how to download the FaceTime. For macOS, we can understand FaceTIme is readily available but it is necessary to use FaceTime in the Windows. There are so many alternatives apps of the FaceTime in Windows. It is ok to use for examining the User Interface of the FaceTime. But For Regularly you are bothered to open Emulator and then open FaceTime.

We have listed some Alternative Apps of the FaceTime, which is compatible with the Windows Directly, You can use it. Here it is.


Skype is the Microsoft Product, and you can use it in a mobile device like Android too. Skype is constant from its released date,  if you want to make a call with skype then it is possible replacement of Skype. Like FaceTime, you can perform Video Call and Audio Call both in Skype.

It is still on-demand messaging in many businesses uses, and many organization is used to with Skype, For Business Purpose you can make a call with Business Skype version.

Google Hangouts

If you have google stock android phone, then Google Hangouts is the native app for Android Platform. Video call, Audio call, voice chat, and instant messaging can happen in the Google Hangouts, and you can use Google Hangout with no cost. You can call at a time for ten people together, and ten people conference is compatible with the Google Hangout. Hangouts need a decent cellular internet connection to make or take a call.

Google Duo App

You all know aware with the Google Duo App, many times you have seen the Google Duo App in the Television or digital hoarding. This is the recent application of Google, and you can use it in the IOS and Android Phone. You can connect the call with different OS user, for example, if you have an Android phone and want to call to iOS Device through Google Duo it is possible.


Initially, Viber is famous for the Messaging and Voice Chat. Developers have a growth of the market, and then they give the new feature in Next Viber Update. This is a Decent and Smooth Application to use, and you won’t need to take help and tutorials from the Viber Help. Viber is compatible with the mobile device only.

If you are Viber User, then you can make contact with the person who is connected with the Viber channel. Viber is sustained for a very long time, recently they have completed its 200 Users.

Whatsapp Messager

Most Popular Messaging App Nowadays, You can send and receive text messages, you can make a video call and voice call via Whatsapp Messanger. Whatsapp Messager is available for Android Mobile Phone, iOS, And also available for Web Application on Windows and macOS System. So, using it, you have a wide range of option, in which you have to use.

Facebook Messenger

An old one but still in the market, if you have a Facebook messenger in your device then you can do voice chat, messaging chat, video call. Instead of FaceTime, you can use Facebook Messanger. You have to make connections or request to make call connection. Still, a better option if you find difficulties to run FaceTime on your Windows PC.

At the End

This is it; we have seen why FaceTime is not an open standard for Windows and Android Phone. After lot’s of discussion, Apple Developers didn’t make a move to make FaceTime Open Standard.

Thus, we have seen ways to run FaceTime on your Windows OS by Using Bluestack and iPadian Emulator. If these things you don’t want to do, then we have many alternatives which replace the FaceTime.