Top 8 Reasons Android is better than iOS

Top 8 Reasons Android is better than iOS.

When it comes to smartphones, there are only two major operating systems in the world – Android and iOS. Both these operating systems have many features in common with slightly different functionalities which make them both unique. As everybody knows, these two smartphone platforms are created by two of the most significant tech companies which are Google and Apple.

There are many aspects in which these two mobile platforms are comparable which are, in terms of performance, battery life, hardware features and many more.

Android vs IOS
Android vs. IOS

Here are the top 8 ways in which Google’s Android is a better operating system than Apple’s iOS.

#1 Customizability

There is no doubt at all that Android is far more customizable than iOS. Many features regarding the customizability are seen on android phones compared to the iPhones.

(The launcher)

It is still a big question for iPhone users whether they will get to experience a new customizable launcher or not like in Android.


In Android phones, there are tons of different third-party launchers available on the play store which are at many times better than the pre-supplied on most of the flagship Android phones. Moreover, also, when the launchers are compared side by side, android launchers are way more interactive, functional and user-friendly than that of iOS.


Another great feature regarding the customizability of Android phones is that it gives the user full freedom and control over widgets. Unlike a few, annoying widgets on iPhones, Android phones have access to a vast variety of widgets. It is possible only because it allows third-party apps to have a shortcut on the home screen. Also, Android users can customize their home screens way better than that of iPhones.

(UI tweaks)

Considering the best flagship Android smartphones, iPhones do not come a little bit near also to those android phones when it comes to customizability. For example, the one plus devices run on a customized skin which is the famous Oxygen OS. It has a lot of extra features compared to the stock Android skin which comes on Google’s flagship Pixel series. From changing icon shapes or the whole icons to changing the colors and themes, this OS does its job wonderfully. The customizations available are way more in number than that of the iPhone.

Also, there are several other UI skins which run on Android and are more customizable than iOS.

#2 The Assistants

How everybody was mesmerized when Apple launched its new virtual assistant – Siri in 2011! However, now, that is not the case after the introduction of more intelligent and user-friendly Google Assistant. Both the assistants’ basic principle is the same, but when they are compared side by side, the Google Assistant stands out like a pro. There are a lot of better functionalities which Google offers with its assistant. For example, the new call screen feature is a great innovation introduced recently.

This feature works by taking calls and literally talking with the caller on your behalf. Yes, you heard it right. Call screen enables the user to rest assured about the unknown calls. When any call notification pops up on your screen, you have to touch on the call screen option which is there along with receive and decline options.

Once you have done that, the assistant will take over and start a conversation with the caller. You will see a real-time transcript on your screen of the conversation. All you will have to do is sit and give the commands to your assistant by merely touching the screen.

This type of features is not seen on the phones. Maybe with some future updates, Apple might improve Siri.

#3 Multi-User Support

It is 2019, and yet there is no clue about multi-user support on iOS. This feature was made available to the Android users with the Android 5.0, i.e. lollipop upgrade back in 2014, and since then, Google has kept it in all the later OS upgrades.


This feature enables multiple users to use the same device. It is a highly convenient and user-friendly feature exclusively available on android which is a huge plus point over iOS.

#4 Battery life and Charging

One of the most significant advantages of using an android phone is its battery life. As there are a lot of android phones available in the market, there is massive competition amongst them. What happens because of this is that all the phone companies focus on every aspect including battery lives.


This has resulted in many android phones coming with massive 5000 mAh batteries. Also, after the update of android pie, Google has made many improvements regarding battery life by including a feature of adaptive battery. This feature uses AI to control the performance of the apps which are not in use at a specified period. Also, the battery option in the settings gives more information regarding the hours left in android. It provides a bright screen on time in android phones, unlike the iPhones.

When it comes to charging, there also android phones are ahead of iPhones. First of all, the charging speed is significantly more on similarly priced Android phones. Secondly, they come with a fast charger supplied in the box, unlike iphones. Also, the iPhones take a long time to charge as the output rating of the charger provided is just 5 watts compared to the 15 or 20 watts rated android fast charger.

#5 Navigation

Google Maps are a monopoly in navigation when it comes to accuracy and convenience. Although the apple maps have the same functionality, qualitatively, Google maps are far better and user-friendly compared to them. Google maps make navigation highly interactive and extremely simple such that a user who has not used any android phone before will also get used to it very quickly.

The features which are exclusive to Google maps are the different levels of traffic conditions, ride bookings, and public transit. These features are not just for show on Android phones; they serve their purpose well and without any errors.

#6 Cameras

Apple excited a lot about the cameras when they first launched their dual camera smartphone-iPhone 7. Since then, iPhones are being manufactured with dual cameras only. On the other hand, Pixel phones are focusing on the quality, resolution, and sensors of the camera rather than focusing on several cameras used. All the pixel phones have only one rear camera.


This single rear camera not only outperforms the iPhone’s camera but every other phone’s camera in the market. It is by properly utilizing machine learning algorithms that Google has been able to achieve this.

There is a unique feature which Google has recently rolled out called night sight on their pixel devices. Night Sight makes wonders happen with low light photography. Regarding the precision and accuracy, Pixel devices were able to capture detailed images in an entirely dark environment even without using a flash. It nearly looked impossible for other smartphones, especially the iPhone.

Regarding the front camera, Google has excelled in that department too with the launch of Pixel 3 featuring dual front cameras. The surprising aspect is that Pixel devices were already best in the “selfie” department having just a single camera in front.

After adding another camera, the result obtained is just out of the world. This second camera which Google has used in the front is a full angle camera which enables the user to almost double the frame area. This makes Pixel 3’s front camera the widest angled and at the same time, best front camera in the market.

On the other hand, the front camera on iPhone is also one of the best in the market, but when compared to Pixel, it stands no chance considering the detailing and color reproduction of Pixel’s front camera.

#7 Unlocking

As iPhones emphasize more on security, unlocking them is a robust process. This process is called jailbreaking and is not an easy job. On the other hand, Android phones are comparatively easy to unlock. As Android is an open source OS, developers remain at ease with this OS. Also, there are several different internet forums available for Android phones regarding unlocking and rooting.


There are many benefits to unlocking the device. First of all, you can try a variety of UIs on your device. This means that you can customize your phone the way you want. Along with that, the apps which are not available in a particular region can also be downloaded and used.

While unlocking gives more permissions and freedom to the user, rooting enables the user to gain full access over his/her device. Any OS or app can be ported on the device once it is rooted. Proper rooting can help significantly in improving performance and even battery life. Hence, in that area also, android phones have more benefits compared to iPhones.  

#8 Affordability

This is the main reason. Android phones are better than iPhones. First of all, there are a lot of options available in android. Ranging from cheapest budget phones to the most premium and innovative phones, hundreds of options are available. Of course, this is not the case with phones.

There are only a few options available, and all are in the premium class of category. On the other hand, there are a lot of Android devices which cost half of the iPhones and still beat them in almost all the areas. The best android device which comes to mind while considering price to performance value is the latest offering from one plus which is oneplus 6t. It has outperformed the latest iPhone 10s in terms of speed and battery life.

Not only in the premium segment but mid-range and budget android devices there is also a massive market of this. These Android devices offer the best performance and battery life comparing the price range. Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo are some of the best selling smartphone brands which offer options in all the price segments.

The eight reasons mentioned above are the key reasons which prove why android phones are better than iPhones. There are other minute areas also where android proves itself to be better than iOS. Moreover, also it is essential to say that when it comes to security, iPhones are better than android phones.