New Sony Nose Buds can Digitally smell anything you want

Latest News: New Sony Nose Buds for smell almost everything digitally

Sony Company is the largest and most leading Electronic item/device maker company in the world and they are usually doing something new and different every-time in this Technology world.

As per the latest official news of the Sony, the Sony introduce the New device Sony Nose Buds (The Smelling Technology) which can easily smell anything and allow you to blast different variety of scents directly to your nostril you want even whenever you go please.

This time the Sony company going to make some different digital product than all the similar digital device maker companies for this growing up of this technology world.

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Sony Nose Buds: Fake news or Real ?

As we know that, this Nose Buds made by Sony company so we can expect it may be real. Because the Sony official news blog actually not launched this device in the market and they have not official announce anything about the Nose Buds like price, launching date, features etc.

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But the Sony Nose buds news is not almost fake. It may have take some time to actually reveal in the current digital market but the news is real as we can says as per this testimonial/video (Source:

Is this really Possible ?

Ok, Nose Buds news are fake or real whatever. We can confirm it in the future. But the actual question in our mind is “Is this Possible to make something like this Sony buds ?” which can allow us to smell anything digitally at whenever we goes.

If this device is actually made by Sony and going to launch in the nearest future of the technology world than it is definitely possible. Because it’s the Sony’s product and Sony is always make some different than others.

So, we can say more about this Sony Nose buds after the actual launching of this device. We are expecting it from Sony ! 🙂

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