Canadian passport renewal in USA

Canadian passport renewal in USA

To renew your passport there are certain criteria or we can say eligibility criteria to renew the passport which are:

  • If the name for which you want to renew passport is to be visible exactly on the 2nd page of the submitted passport.
  • At the period of previous application, the applicant must be 16 years old.
  • The previously submitted passport should not be reported as stolen or lost.
  • The previously submitted passport is not to be in damaged form.
  • The previously submitted passport is atleast valid for 5 or 10 years.

The documents which are to submitted at the time of submitting renewal request are:

  • The application form is to fill up for submission which will be available on .
  • Two photo of applicant with name and address of the photographer and the date of the photo on which it is click on the back of photos.
  • The amount of the fee which is to submitted with application form.
  • Previous or last passport is also submitted with application.

The Canadian citizenship proof and identification or guarantor information is not to be submit again.

The important thing that take in to mind that previous passport will automatically cancelled at the time of submitting your application and will not use at the time of traveling.

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