PAN is mandatory for Transactions in which quoting

Transactions in which quoting of PAN is mandatory There are various usages of PAN Card and PAN – Permanent Account Number. Here is the list of all such matters regarding using PAN Number. –          Sell/ Purchase any immovable property worth value of 5 Lakhs or more –          Sell/ Purchase a motor vehicle/ vehicle excluding two […]

Waterproof Phones available right now with Prices

Waterproof Phones available now with Prices – List of Waterproof Android Mobile Phones in the Market with Prices. We collect some of the best waterproof phones for you only. Sony Xperia Z – waterproof cell phone Sony is one of the most famous brand names and it has launched such extra-ordinary smart phones from a long time. […]

Acupressure Tips & Guide for Acupressure Pen

Acupressure Tips & Guide The circulation caused by massage carries away waste materials created by the cells in our entire body. A partial or complete hysterectomy is performed to eliminate the abnormal development of tissues. If you have a look at an acupressure chart you will locate several points about the digestion and stomach. The […]

Gratuity – Calculation – Formula – Rules – Gratuity Meaning – Eligibility – Taxability

Gratuity – Gratuity Calculation – Gratuity Formula – Gratuity Rules – Gratuity Meaning – Gratuity Eligibility – Gratuity Taxability Gratuity definition: Gratuity is the additional salary that given to an employee by the employer for the services offered to the company. In other words, an employee gets an extra salary for the services he offered to the company. This extra […]

What is DND? dnd meaning

DND stands for Do Not Disturb, it is a mobile based service that is provided by Indian telecom companies to their respective users to stop all the unwanted and annoying calls/messages they receive from telemarketers, banks and many companies. This service helps you to stop all the unwanted disturbances caused by different a marketer who […]

Form 16 download word format pdf formats

The form 16 is very important certificate of Income tax Act, 1961 under the section 203 which give information about Tax Deduction Source (TDS) under the head “salaries” which give complete information regarding tax deduction by the employer. In layman’s language form 16 can name as salary certificate which is issue for employees by a […]

California ADOPT-230 form download Adoption Expenses

California ADOPT-230 Adoption Expenses Adopting a child is one of the most common forms of adoption today. Children of single parents may be adopted when two people marry and ensure joint power and involvement of both spouses in the lives of their children. It is very unfortunate, but sometimes insurance policies and inheritance issues are […]

California ADOPT-220 form to adopt an Indian Child

California ADOPT-220 form to adopt an Indian Child While adopting a child, the adoptive parents are given all the rights and responsibilities of a biological parent. In fact, courts generally use the term “as if child was born into” to describe the new parent-child relationship to everyone. Before, the new parental rights can be established, […]

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